Retro Vinyl Picks

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Made from recycled vinyl records in a rainbow of colors, hand punched and sanded, these picks are ready to pick, strum, and/or shred! Perfect for an awesome gift for a musician loved one, record collectors, students, rockers of all ages, and every music lover or stringed instrument player in between. Hand punched and sanded by Eye Pop Art.

The shape of this pick is similar to Standard 351 style picks, used by approximately 95% of all players. It is approximately 1-3/16" (30mm) tall by 1-1/16" (25.5mm) wide at top.


About Eye Pop Art:

Christine Claringbold is a mandala artist, writer, honors student, and musician from Portland, Oregon. She is currently studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Portland State University with a minor in German. Christine has been making art from recycled vinyl records since launching Eye Pop Art in 2003. "My husband plays guitar and most of my friends are musicians or music lovers," says Christine, "so it made sense for me to start making guitar picks out of smaller pieces leftover from my other recycled record projects. I'm also learning to play guitar myself. I hope you like my groovy guitar picks!" See more of Eye Pop Art at her Etsy shop.