Ukulele Chord Cubes

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Need songwriting inspiration? Or forgot how to play a particular chord? Then look no further than these fun and tactile wooden cubes featuring screen printed ukulele chords! This set includes nine cubes with 54 chord diagrams and a “v-tray” block that helps provide the perfect viewing angle while learning to play.

We recommend giving the blocks a toss to see what cubes land where and try playing what appears! It's a fun exercise that could lead to some awesome songwriting. Or, get a set to encourage a younger uker to start playing more. However these blocks can help with the uking life, Chord Cubes are sure to please!

Block Size: 1.75" x 1.75"

These blocks are 100% American made by the Grand Rapids company Uncle Goose. The wood used is sustainable, fast growing Basswood which grows around Grand Rapids, and the ink is non-toxic and free of heavy metals.