Music Journal

$ 19.00

Whether you're a music buff or a performer, this Moleskine notebook makes it easy to capture and organize your inspiration. With easy to use sections that help organize information, from your favorite artists and playlists to concerts and lyrics, this journal is an invaluable tool for any music enthusiast! Features a 8.25" x 5.25" hardcover embossed with musical instruments, acid free paper pages, a music ruler, and a pocket on the back cover for storing tidbits like tickets, business cards, and notes!

Keep your love of music at your fingertips. Log your favorite artists, genres, albums, songs, lyrics, playlists, set lists, concerts, and more. Use the Lyrics themed section to capture song, genre, album/year/artist, lyrics/favorite lines, impressions and notes. Use the Playlists themed section to capture titles, notes, track, artist, and time. Use the Concerts themed section to capture concerts, artist(s), when, where, with, review/key moments and notes. Use the My Life in Music themed section to capture song/artist/music, mood/emotions/memories sections to capture your experience. Use the Music Map themed section to write, draw or store your songs, people, moments, places, discoveries, experiences and tickets.