Pineapple Ukulele Pin

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"Pineapple princess", he calls me pineapple princess all day
As he plays his ukulele on the hill above the bay
"Pineapple princess, I love you, you're the sweetest girl I've seen"
"Some day we're gonna marry and you'll be my pineapple queen"

~Pineapple Princess, The Sherman Brothers


With its sweet golden tones and classic pineapple shape, this little pin is the perfect accessory for every uker. Wear it on your Hawaiian shirt, pin it in your hat, or stick it to your uke strap -- whichever way you'd like to wear it, the pineapple ukulele is the best musical companion. Measures 1.25" long, is made of hard enamel, and includes a rubber clutch/back.