Ribbon Lei for Ukulele

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Liven up your ukulele playing with a delightful and cheerful lei! Made of ribbon flowers and fabric leaves, this little lei will sit comfortably on your uke's head stock. Or, if you're feeling a bit more fashionable, wear it on your wrist for some added flair. The gorgeous handmade flowers and bright green leaves are attached to an elastic band for easily sliding the lei on your instrument or wrist. Made by hand in South Korea by Ukuhappy Designs.

About Ukuhappy:
Born and raised in Japan, Yoko Ahn majored in film and worked as a fashion magazine editor, until several years ago when she married her husband and moved with him to South Korea. Her husband is a professional guitarist and loves to play the ukulele from time to time, "so naturally I became interested in the beauty of the ukulele!" she says. In 2014, she and her husband began toying with the idea of creating more beautiful and fun ukulele accessories. What emerged are beautiful and unique ukulele cases and lush Hibiscus and Plumeria ribbon leis. Yoko says that their items are a way to honor and apply the use of traditional crafts of the Hawaiian ribbon lei. All parts of the petals are created carefully, one by one, with a ribbon by Yoko's diligent and skilled hand. See more of Ukuhappy on their Etsy shop.

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