Ukulele Chord Shapes

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Whether you are a beginning player looking for your first guide to understanding the fretboard or a seasoned pro in need of a complete reference to complex harmonies, 'Ukulele Chord Shapes is your one-stop resource. You'll find charts that show highlighted roots note telling you where to play a chord; information on building chords; and many tidbits.

To get the most out of the information here, you have to be patient and work your way through the pages, experimenting as you go. The shapes method has a bit of a learning curve and will take some time to fully sink in, but in the long run will give you a more comprehensive view of the fretboard and how chords work together to form songs. Includes:

How to Use This Book:
  • The Fretboard
  • Chord Diagrams
  • How to Read the Charts
  • Inversions
  • Fingerings
The Charts:
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Dominant 7th
  • Suspended 2
  • Add 9
  • Diminished
  • Augmented
  • Slash Chords
How Chords Work:
  • Building a Chord
  • Formula Reference Chart
  • Practice/Examples
  • Inversions
  • The "Grip" Method
  • Triads and Full Chords
  • Selective Omitting

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