Ukulele Girl Dashboard Doll

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I saw the splendor of the moonlight on Honolulu Bay.
There's something tender in the moonlight on Honolulu Bay.
And all the beaches are full of peaches
who bring their ukes along.
And in the glimmer of the moonlight
they love to sing this song.

If you like a ukulele lady,
ukulele lady like a you.
If you want to linger where it's shady,
ukulele lady linger too...

~ Ukulele Lady, Gus Kahn/Richard A. Whiting

No uke enthusiast's life is complete without their very own ukulele lady. And, even better, this uking lady is a hip swayin' dashboard doll! With a lovely natural raffia skirt, her hips swing with the rhythm to her uke (or, let's be honest, your car's bouncing). Standing slightly over 7" tall, this gal will definitely make a delightful road trip companion with her soft smile and colorful lei. Her base is even equipped with a stickum bottom to attach to your dash in order to keep her safe. So, before you head out on that open road, make sure to liven up your dash with the charming Ukulele Lady.

Note: She stands at 7" tall. Please measure your dashboard before purchasing to ensure perfect fit. 

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