Ukulele Keychain

$ 5.00

Give yourself a daily smile, especially when you can't be uking, with the ukulele keychain! Made from eco-friendly 100% recycled #2 HDPE plastic (which is commonly used to make milk jugs, bottle caps, and food storage containers), this durable ukulele is ready to hit the road with you and add charm to your keys. The ring and eyelet are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and contains approximately 60-80% recycled metals. Measures approximately 4.25" long and 1" wide. Made in Florida by White Summer Creations.


About White Summer Creations:

White Summer Creations takes great pride in creating unique environmentally friendly key chains made from recycled HDPE plastic and corrosion resistant stainless steel. It all started because of my son. He has autism and loves puzzles, so I started making him puzzles that we could teach him words and speech using pictures. I became very skilled at the scroll saw, and now I am able to cut the intricate designs you see throughout my shop. My unique key chains are a perfect marriage of my woodworking skills and my desire to produce a product made from recycled materials. These little key chains are super sturdy and made to last! See more at White Summer Creations.

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