Melodic Meditations For Ukulele

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Melody is a golden thread that magically allows us to recognize, sing along with, and even recall a tune or a song. Think of any song in your mind and you can hear it without touching an instrument or even singing out loud. This is powerful, and makes us lucky to be human. Music lives in us, and marks time itself in ways that affect us all. Melody is a universal language.

In this book, written by Daniel Ward, you'll find 16 studies exploring techniques used to play melody on ukulele. Each melodic composition concentrates on a skill, such as playing a scale through chords smoothly, using slides and ornaments, or playing 3rds and 6ths on different strings to create harmony. Like the first book, Arpeggio Meditations for Ukulele, the music is easy to learn, and meant to loop over and over. Six of the melodies are duets with songs from the first book, which can be played with a partner or in a group.

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