No. 12, Spring 2016

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Ukulele’s preeminent virtuoso and most-excellent ambassador Jake Shimabukuro reveals his personal philosophies and more in a candid Q&A that includes a sidebar with his tips on effective practicing. Other features include Folk Uke, the talented duo of Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson—who bond over their famous dads, but also their love of bawdy humor; an in-depth look at an Israel-based uke orchestra comprised of Jewish and Arab children that is changing hearts and minds at home and abroad; a Q&A with Troy Fernandez, who talks about life after the Ka’au Crater Boys; and a chat with uke up-and-comer Fiona Silver. Plus a special section devoted to helping you buy your next uke.



  • How to play uke with kids, big and small
  • A primer on basic pick-hand patterns for the ukulele
  • Learn flamenco techniques to add excitement to your playing


Learn to Play:

  • Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll”
  • Learn "Happy Birthday," which just became part of the public domain
  • "We Are Playing Our Ukuleles for Peace"

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