No. 22, Fall 2018

No. 22, Fall 2018

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The ukulele is the first instrument many of us will play in front of a crowd. From the excitement, to the nervousness, to what to take to the gig are just some of the features in our Fall 2018 issue’s Play Like a Pro! special focus. Heidi Swedberg writes about channeling stage fright into a more positive experience, as well as the secrets inside players’ cases, Steven Espaniola offers advice anyone can use to make playing onstage better, and our vintage uke expert details the history of electric ukes. The many books, videos, and workshops of “Jumpin’ Jim” Beloff are another first for many ukulele players and now Jim steps into the spotlight for a look at how the ukulele changed his life and he, in turn, changed ours. James Hill debuts a blueprint for the future of ukulele festivals, including his arrangement of a piece for ukulele orchestra designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players to play together. Plus, reviews of new albums from Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel, Taimane, and events listings for the Fall, and more.



  • Daniel Ward shows how starting at the end is a great way to learn a song
  • Jim D’Ville shows how unusual chords can make a song come to life



  • 4 new ukes from Ohana the TK-39 tenor, CK-14CL Cynthia Lin Signature concert, CK-450SMP Spalted Maple concert, O’Nina sopranissimo
  • Martin’s new Ukulele Premium strings
  • Building a Ukulele: Aaron Keim shows us how he prepares a fingerboard
  • Great Ukes: Victory Ukes, a World War II home front special

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