No. 24, Spring 2019

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The Spring 2019 issue features an interview with young songwriting, singing, and ukulele playing phenomenon Grace VanderWaal. Plus a transcription of her hit “Moonlight.” This issue also features a massive special focus conceived and guest edited by Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel. In four features, they show how you can “Sound Your Best” by brushing up on technique, improving your practicing skills (to have more fun!), finding the right instrument and strings for you, and pulling everything together and making more music. Also, Heidi Swedberg reports on Mim, a Technicolor presence in the ukulele world, Audrey Coleman on a shelter that uses ukuleles and dogs to help homeless teens, and a guide to understanding how to read ukulele music. Plus, Events for March, April, May, June 2019, reviews of a new book on the “Konter” ukulele and new recordings.



  • Daniel Ward on how to make your playing seamless and smooth
  • Jim D’Ville teaches how to deduce what chord is coming next
  • Intros & Endings, a lesson on getting into and out of a song, by Lil’ Rev
  • Learn To Hear Chord Changes, by Fred Sokolow



  • Reviews of the Fender Grace VanderWaal Signature Concert and Moonlight Soprano ukuleles
  • Shedding Light on Setups: Mim details what goes into a “setup” and what that means for the player
  • The Great Ukes: The voluptuous vintage Hollywood ukes from the ’30s

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