About Kooky Uke

Kooky Uke specializes in linocuts and screen prints all made by hand and designed by Julia Heatherwick. She came up with the idea for Kooky Uke with her partner, Dave, one evening over a beer and a bowl of peanuts. “It was one of those moments when the clouds opened and a beam of light came from the heavens,” she says, “and my ukulele went ‘Ahhhhhhhh!’” We here at Ukulele are sure glad this moment of inspiration struck, because it means we get to share her products with you.

Julia has a degree in printmaking and drawing and has been showing her artwork in the United States as well as internationally for 14 years. She has also been active in the ukulele community for years – she fell in love with the instrument while hosting a hootenanny at her house and has since helped to start the Ukulele!Bakersfield group, which has about 20 people each month attending meetings at a local coffeehouse called The Filling Station.

The driving force behind Julia’s business is spreading the love of ukulele throughout the community. “I believe if more people played music (especially the ukulele) there would be peace on earth.”

“It ties everything I love together,” Julia says of Kooky Uke, “Drawing, making linocuts and screen prints, playing the ukulele, and writing funny little sayings.” Here in the Ukulele store, you’ll find the awesome products she so loves making – greeting cards, t-shirts, and totes.

 Behind the scenes photos: linocuts, screen printing, Julia's hard-working studio assistant, Piper, and packages ready for the post office.