10 Etudes for Fingerstyle Ukulele

$ 15.00

10 Etudes for Fingerstyle Ukulele was written as an extension of the Fingerstyle Ukulele Book (also available in our store). This digital download is specifically geared towards players who have a basic understanding and execution of fingerstyle technique, but need more of a challenge in their playing (ideal for intermediate and advanced players)

The etude book includes 9 original pieces (including two duets!) by Aaron Keim and 1 traditional Swedish waltz. Each piece is accompanied by a Youtube video where Aaron plays the tune and gives instructional tips and tricks. Currently this book is only available in a digital format, but once you purchase the book you're welcome to print it out for your own reference. 


  • Etude 1: Fingerstyle Bootcamp
  • Etude 2: Another Waltz
  • Etude 3: Hornpipe
  • Etude 4: Two Note Tumble (Duet)
  • Etude 5: Whiskey Waltz
  • Etude 6: Promenade
  • Etude 7: Shuffle
  • Etude 8: Waltz After Lasse in Lyby
  • Etude 9: Bath Time Bounce
  • Etude 10: It's About Time (Duet)