Baritone Ukulele Book 1

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This method, written and taught by Lil' Rev, has been designed to help you achieve a beginner's level of mastery on the baritone ukulele. Explore note reading, tablature, basic melody playing, strumming, standard right-hand strokes, essential strums, and ukulele history.

Once you begin, you will find that, like all members of the ukulele family, the baritone has a certain magic about it that almost always seems to attract a smile from those on the receiving end of its joyful noise.

This manual will gradually progress as you move through the book, so it's advised that you start at the beginning and work through it in order. This book uses a variety of musical examples to help you grow as a baritone player. There are plenty of basic folks songs for beginners, and eventually we move on to holiday, rock, blues, rockabilly, historical, minstrel, old-timey, bluegrass, and early country.


  • Tuning
  • Music Reading
  • Melody Playing
  • Chords
  • Strumming
  • Scales
  • Tremolo
  • Music Notation and Tablature
  • Chord Chart
  • Traditional Blues Songs
  • Folk Songs
  • Children's Songs
  • Old-Time Favorites
  • Holiday Songs
  • Baritone Ukulele History
  • And more!

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