Moving On Up! A Guide to Getting Better on Ukulele with Ukulenny

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If you know the chord shapes necessary to play basic songs and can read simple melodies, this is the guide for you. As the title suggests, this lesson series will move the aspiring ukulele player up to the next level in their musical journey, filling the gap between beginning and advanced ukulele method books.

These 12 lessons are designed to help you master the fretboard, play more musically, and have good fun with your uke! Each chapter includes a video lesson with Ukulenny, plus select examples include backing tracks for you to jam along to.


  • Chapter 1: Scaling the Fretboard
  • Chapter 2: Raising the Barre, Part 1
  • Chapter 3: Raising the Barre, Part 2
  • Chapter 4: Becoming a Strum Hero, Part 1
  • Chapter 5: Finding the Right Ukulele for You
  • Chapter 6: Moving the Blues Scale
  • Chapter 7: Playing by Ear
  • Chapter 8: Getting Into Chord-Melody
  • Chapter 9: Raising the Barre, Part 3
  • Chapter 10: Becoming a Strum Hero, Part 2
  • Chapter 11: Scaling on Up
  • Chapter 12: Stepping Up to the Plate