No. 12, Spring 2016

$ 6.99

Ukulele’s preeminent virtuoso and most-excellent ambassador Jake Shimabukuro reveals his personal philosophies and more in a candid Q&A that includes a sidebar with his tips on effective practicing. Other features include Folk Uke, the talented duo of Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson — who bond over their famous dads, but also their love of bawdy humor; an in-depth look at an Israel-based uke orchestra comprised of Jewish and Arab children that is changing hearts and minds at home and abroad; a Q&A with Troy Fernandez, who talks about life after the Ka’au Crater Boys; and a chat with uke up-and-comer Fiona Silver. Plus a special section devoted to helping you buy your next uke; 3 lessons, including one just for kids; 3 songs, including Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll”; and horoscopes.


Gear Reviews:

Roundup of 5 Bass Ukuleles: Gold Tone Microbass 23, Kala Bubinga U-Bass, Magic Fluke Timber Electric Bass, Ohana OBU-22, Oscar Schmidt OUB500 Ukulele Bass

If Money Is No Object: Lichty Long Neck Tenor

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