No. 15, Winter 2016

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For our Pacific Rim special section, we look at the ukulele players and scenes making waves across the Pacific Ocean. First stop: Japan, long a second home to the ukulele and a place where players are taking the instrument to new places. Includes a transcription of Ryo Natoyama’s deliciously addictive tune, “Chocolate Banana Pie.” Cameron Murray gives us a tour of Sydney, Australia’s fantastic ukulele scene, while over in New Zealand, the deliriously fun Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra spreads joy. We also check in with Seattle’s champion of the ukulele, and a superstar teacher, Del Rey, and get historical with George Formby. Also, a roundup of the “note cannons” of the ukulele world: resonator-ukuleles, including instruments from Luna, National, Beltona, Gretsch, Gold Tone, Recording King, and Kala. Plus, reviews of the new Eden E-Uke combo amp and a Kala Thinline baritone, a look at the vintage Roy Smeck Vita-Uke, tips on buying your next ukulele, and insight into the woods that are used to make your ukuleles.



  • Jumpin’ Jim Beloff on transposing songs on the fly
  • Aaron Keim’s jam session essentials
  • Jim D’Ville lesson on the emotional power in chords


Learn to Play:

  • Ziegfeld Follies classic “Shine On, Harvest Moon”
  • “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore”
  • Ukulele arrangement of the classical guitar chestnut “Lágrima”

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