No. 21, Summer 2018

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The Summer 2018 issue features our Get Rhythm special focus, with lessons, advice, and interviews to help players build a deeper connection with the groove. Daniel Ward offers up a lesson on creating a great rhythm, learn to love your metronome with Adam Perlmutter’s lesson, Heidi Swedberg explores picking-hand power, and cover subject Casey MacGill teaches us how to swing. Elsewhere in the issue, with his extreme left-hand technique and vast musical knowledge, Benny Chong redefines what is possible on the ukulele. Plus, we visit the Island Bazaar in Surf City, USA, to check out its uke scene, summer events listings, and an early ukulele maker is memorialized.


  • Unlock the truth of a song, by Jim D’Ville
  • Fingerstyle boot camp, by Aaron Keim
  • Chord substitutions, by Sarah Maisel


  • Reviews of the Romero Creations Replica and ST Concert and an Ovation Soprano Ukulele
  • Building a Ukulele: In part one, Aaron Keim shows us how he carves a neck
  • The Great Ukes: Northern Triangle uke helped a generation of players
  • Vintage pitch pipes: how people tuned before clip-on tuners and apps

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