No. 23, Winter 2018

No. 23, Winter 2018

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As the hub and nursery of ukulele players everywhere, local ukulele clubs are important to everyone in the ukulele community. In our special focus feature “Build A Better Club,” Jim D’Ville talks to leaders of some of the finest ukulele clubs in the land to find out the secrets of their success—and how you can use these tips to make your club more helpful and fun. Ralph Shaw’s story is how a $15 ukulele started a reluctant English physicist on an unlikely career as a recording artist, ukulele educator, author, and the title ‘King of the Ukulele.’ Includes a lesson from Shaw on how to play George Formby’s famous split-stroke. Heidi Swedberg on the burning question of using a strap or not, what are the player and sound benefits? Plus, a how-to on installing strap buttons. A big list of Winter events to nourish your inner player.



  • Daniel Ward shows you the quickest, most honest way to improve your playing. Includes music to play
  • Jim D’Ville Learning to sing with your playing will improve your listening skills if you incorporate its use into your daily practice.
  • Fred Sokolow teaches you how to solo on the ukulele, using a standard blues and a few easy-to-learn tricks.
  • Ralph Shaw teaches how to play George Formby’s famous split-stroke



  • Kala Wanderer and Striped Ebony U-Basses
  • Gold Tone Little Gem banjo-ukulele
  • Building a Ukulele: Aaron Keim reveals the secrets inside your ukulele
  • Great Ukes: Ukes made from coconuts!

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