Slide & Slack Key Ukulele

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Two books in one! In this collection, you'll find how to play slide in two open tunings (open C and open G), as well as standard tuning. It also shows how to fingerpick—slack key style—in the same open tunings, moving chords up and down the fretboard to achieve that beautiful, relaxed, slack-key sound. In addition to learning several great tunes, you'll come away with some jamming techniques and some licks and ideas you can apply to many other musical genres. 

Slide Ukulele:

  • Choosing a Slide
  • How to Use the Slide
  • Slide in C Tuning
  • Slide in G Tunung
  • Slide in Standard Tuning

Slack Key Ukulele:

  • Slack Key in C Tuning
  • Fingerpicking and Rolls
  • Chords
  • Slack Key in G Tuning