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ukulele quiz
What Type of Ukulele Player Are You?
If you've ever wondered what type of ukulele player you are, take our very scientific, totally binding, and always 100% accurate quiz. (Or maybe it’s just a fun thing we made for you to enjoy and share with your friends—you be the judge!)
traditional songs for ukulele videos
New to the Store: Traditional Songs for Beginning Ukulele
Begin your ukulele journey or build up your repertoire with this collection of 15 time-honored songs from the American folk tradition. Each song includes easy-to-follow chord diagrams, standard notation, tablature, and lyrics, plus delightful step-by-step videos that will have you strumming and singing along in no time.


jake shimabukuro
Jake Takes Over!
We had a special treat on our Instagram page when ukulele superstar (and our current cover artist) Jake Shimabukuro took over our account while on tour last week. Take a peek backstage, where Jake breaks down the 9/8 timing on “Trapped” with his ukulele and shows his excitement for bubble wrap while unboxing gear. Plus, enjoy some of the live performance (you may be surprised to hear which Beatles song Jake put into the setlist for this one!)

mustafa teaches home on the range on ukulele
Learn a Fingerstyle Arrangement of ‘Home on the Range’
This arrangement is in the key of F Major so expect to see F major, Bb major, and C major chords, as well as some variations such as C7 and A minor chords. Techniques you’ll use here include holding the bass note throughout a section, plucking block chords, and more.


enter to win a cordoba ukulele

The 35T-CE tenor features all solid acacia for the top, back, and sides, with a beautiful rosewood bridge, binding, and fingerboard. The 35T-CE also features Cordoba’s signature elevated headstock with a figured Acacia overlay.

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