A Little Slice of Heaven—The New Egg Slicer!

Posted by Kelsey Holt on

Imagine it: there you are, standing in the kitchen, making a big beautiful salad and you grab the hardboiled egg but, gasp! No way to cut it into beautiful even slices. What do you do? Instead of taking up precious time to carefully cut your egg with a knife (time that you could use for enjoying your meal), grab the new handy-dandy egg slicer! Because, not only is it useful, but it's totally shaped like a ukulele.

Measuring approximately 9" long and 3.5" wide, this little uke will help make your kitchen much more musically inclined. And, whenever you're in a slicing pinch, grab your ukulele and go! It's the best thing since sliced bread. As our editor so eloquently said, "I didn't even know I needed this, but now it's all I want!"



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