Cookie Cutter Stock Replenished! May 03 2016

Our best seller is back in stock: the adorable ukulele cookie cutter! Made of tinplate steel right here in the USA, this little guy has a nice sharp edge for stamping out precise uke shaped cookies.

We made sure to up our stock by quite a bit, so head over and grab as many as you might need. Perfect for gifts and uke club get-together's; or uke-ify your kitchen and pair with our 'Ukulele Convention' tea towel!


The Micro Tuner is Back in Stock! April 21 2016

Micro Tuner

It's finally back! Our itty bitty headstock tuner from D'Addario has been a big hit in the store so we've made sure to get it restocked for all that summertime playing. With it's super compact shape, this little guy hides perfectly behind your headstock so you may leave it clipped on for always. It will even fit back in your case! 

Head over and get your new tuner, or grab one for that forgetful friend! It never hurts to have more than one.


A Strapping New Accessory September 22 2015

Add some flair to your uke get-up with our snazzy new strap! This would make a wonderful gift for yourself or any fellow enthusiast looking to add a little something extra to play time. Featuring a colorful array of vintage wooden and carved antelope horn beads, this adjustable strap fastens to your uke’s sound hole with a metal hook which has been laminated with soft vinyl. It won’t scratch, and it doesn’t need posts, so grab one now and hook it on!

Please note: This item has limited stock, so we recommend treating yourself now before it’s too late!


Help Us Create A New Ukulele T-shirt! September 22 2015

Want to help us create a new Ukulele T-shirt?

Here’s how you can help: grab a marker and piece of paper and doodle a uke. We’ll use your doodle in the design for a new Ukulele t-shirt. Once you’ve doodled your ukulele, we’ll need you to photograph it (or scan it) and send it here. We’ll take it from there!
1. Lay your doodle down on a table near a window or under a bright light
2. Stand above the table so the camera is looking straight down at the drawing (be sure not to block your light)
3. E-mail the largest file size possible here.

P.S. if you have a scanner, use it! Scanning is the best way to digitize doodles. Let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing your doodles!