Help Us Create A New Ukulele T-shirt! September 22 2015

Want to help us create a new Ukulele T-shirt?

Here’s how you can help: grab a marker and piece of paper and doodle a uke. We’ll use your doodle in the design for a new Ukulele t-shirt. Once you’ve doodled your ukulele, we’ll need you to photograph it (or scan it) and send it here. We’ll take it from there!
1. Lay your doodle down on a table near a window or under a bright light
2. Stand above the table so the camera is looking straight down at the drawing (be sure not to block your light)
3. E-mail the largest file size possible here.

P.S. if you have a scanner, use it! Scanning is the best way to digitize doodles. Let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing your doodles!

Check out the New Ukulele Mug! August 25 2015

We are thrilled to announce our first Ukulele mug. Watch this video to see it in action!


Tote-ally great gifts! November 17 2014

We've just added a brand new product to our store - the Ukulele tote bag. Now you can tote your ukulele, songbook, margarita machine, organic gluten-free grains, or anything else in the Ukulele magazine tote bag. It’s made in America from thick, natural canvas and it makes a tote-ally great gift!

Looking for more gift ideas for the uke players in your life? Be sure to check out our Staff Picks collection. While we here at Ukulele love all of our products equally, we've identified a few we think make particularly great gifts this time of year. 

The Fall 2014 Issue Is Now Available July 16 2014

We are so excited to share the sixth issue of Ukulele with you! 

Featured in the Fall 2014 Issue:

Jason Mraz discusses the making of a ukulele classic. Martin Guitar ukulele ambassador LP reveals how the instrument jump-started the acclaimed songwriter’s solo career. The Mersey Belles keep the United Kingdom’s retro ukulele tradition kicking, while the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society draw big crowds in Florida.

We also review 6 sweet new ukes, and launch the “Play This Issue” song contest.

Click here to buy the new issue now.

Now Available: Beautiful Gifts from Kooky Uke! June 24 2014

We're thrilled to offer greeting cards, t-shirts, and totes from Kooky Uke! Read all about Kooky Uke founder and owner Julia Heatherwick and the mission behind her brand here.

"I believe if more people played music (especially the ukulele) there would be peace on earth," she says, "Spread the uke love." We here at Ukulele are certainly in love with her greeting cards! Get a behind the scenes look at how they're made:

I draw my designs, cut my linocuts, turn them into screen prints, and print it all by hand. 

Each color of the card is one pass of printing. I let it dry and then go over it with the next color. 

I feel that each card or t-shirt is like a piece of artwork and that it makes your note or your expression of love for the ukulele extra special. 


I am also interested in doing my part to protect the planet and have a low impact on the environment.  Whenever possible, I use eco-friendly materials, recycled paper and even pedal my products to the local post office. 


Order yours today! (Hint: you can also buy them in a set of four or eight)

Wahoo! Ukulele Store is Live April 30 2014

We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce the Ukulele store!

We're offering all of our back issues, magazine subscriptions, and these beautiful Ukulele t shirts!